Sunny sweetness.
Blue sky clarity.

Over the past 17 years, Jeannie has given her unique brand of sunny sweetness and blue sky clarity to thousands of projects. She has been the promo voice of The Sprout Network for 10 years, the voice of Verizon 411 for 8, and is currently the voice of Xfinity on Demand Cross Channel as well as 5 IKEA national TV spots for HGTV. Her repertoire also includes award winning audio book narration, with 2 Audie nominations in Romance and Young Adult categories and 2 Audiofile Earphones Awards to date.

It’s no wonder why her clients come back to bask, time and again…



Sprout • IKEA • HGTV • Crayola • Xnity • Capital One • Auntie Anne’s • NBC Kids • Vanguard • Hershey Park • Rita’s • Verizon • Conair • Visa Card • and more…



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